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All equipment will be supplied, but if you want to bring your favourite rod, reel, flies or waders you are most welcome. We enjoy using our Sage Rods & hope that you will too.

  • Summer Fly Fishing

    Back Country fishing starts from the beginning 1st October - 30 June.

    For small streams we will use 5-7 wt rods. 7-9wt rods are used in and around the lake edges.

    Natural pattern flies are the order of the day, size 10, 12, 14, 16.

    Stone Fly, Caddis, Pheasant Trail, Prince Nymph, Mayfly, Hare & Coppers & any gold beaded flies. Dry flies Royal Wolf, Cicada, Caddis & any of your favourite dries.

    Summer Waders

    In the summer lightweight or breathable waders are a must as it can get very warm, or if you wish wade wet.

  • Winter Fishing

    The main winter spawning runs start early Autumn and finish late Spring but fresh run fish can be caught in our rivers all year round. These are hard fighting Brown & Rainbow trout.

    We use 8-9wt rods with weight Forward/Double taper lines and heavy nymphs.

    Flies: Rabbits, Red Setter, Woolly Buggers,and Doll, Lumo'sfor night time.

    Nymphs: Stone fly, Pheasant Tail, Prince Nymph, Mayfly, Hare & Coppers & any gold beaded flies.

    Winter Waders

    In the winter 5-7mm neoprene waders as frosts are common and clear days often follow.

  • Clothing

    Natural colours are preferred.

    Sunscreen is a must when on the water.

    Polaroid glasses are a must to protect your eyes & to see the fish that you are trying to catch. They help when wading as you can see into the water easily.

    A waterproof jacket is recommended.

    Hat or caps, insect repellents are recommended.